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Violeta Picayo

is a bilingual Cuban-American director, actor, and choreographer. She believes in the theater as a place to ask questions together, where wondering is a full-body activity. A born and raised New Yorker, Violeta has made her artistic home with some of New York's most dynamic theater companies. World premieres include Helen. by Caitlin George (En Garde Arts, SuperGeographics @ La Mama), and The Strangers Came Today by Emily Zemba (New Ohio, Society).


Violeta has worked at NYC venues including BAM, La Mama, The Public, Second Stage, Gym at Judson; regionally throughout the US at the American Repertory Theater, Portland Center Stage, City Theater, Fisher Center; and internationally  in Argentina, Chile, England, Greece, India, Scotland.


Violeta is a company member at Bedlam, OYL, The SuperGeographics, and an associate artist of the SITI Company. She is a proud graduate of Vassar College, the National Theater Institute, and SITI Company's Conservatory.

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