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Helen. Interview

"On this edition, we were joined by playwright Caitlin George and director Violeta Picayo, to discuss their new work, Helen. We discussed the historical inspiration behind this show, the artistic insights they hope to bring to the stage, and got a chance to pick our guests minds for some personal perception and memories from the theatre. Don't miss out on this fun and thoughtful conversation, and this exciting and new show!"

- Andrew Cortes, Stage Whisper

Evelyn Brown
(A Diary)

A post-show discussion with the artists and creative team of Evelyn Brown (A Diary).

Originally conceived by María Irene Fornés, running at La Mama.

Mary Stuart

"Picayo and Babb, whose contrasting stances — both headstrong and self-righteous in separate ways — bring fire...

Picayo embodies defiance, as when she hurls a throaty 'I am your queen!' at her rival."

-Maya Phillips, The New York Times

Sense & Sensibility

"It might be possible, given all the fuss kicked up by the two older sisters, to miss Margaret, the youngest Dashwood. But not with Violeta Picayo in the role. The actor is charming, silly, and adds a zesty dollop of cynicism to the Dashwood brouhaha."

-David Greenham, The Arts Fuse

Sense & Sensibility

"The ensemble, without a fault, brings everything they have to the piece...Jessica Frey, Maggie Adams McDowell, and Violeta Picayo give life to the three Dashwood sisters."

-Patti Hartigan, The Boston Globe

Julius Caesar

"In the Pocket Universe version, all of Shakespeare’s characters were girls, and the word “girl” replaced “man” throughout the script, a strikingly potent change. “Thou art the ruins of the noblest girl that ever lived in the tide of times,” Mark Antony said over the dead body of Caesar, and I thought: When do we ever describe girls as noble? When, in the stories we tell, do we ever take them that seriously?"

-Laura Collins-Hughes, NY Times

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